In the spring of 2012, Lim Jae-yoon, a middle school student, was seriously injured in the crash of a school trip to Woosong Middle School in Daejeon. Immediately after the accident, he was diagnosed with 1% chance of survival by a local hospital in that district.

Sunfull organization requested all the netizens to send positive and encouraging messages to wish Lim Jae-yoon a speedy recovery, who was in critical condition and battling his life due to a school trip bus accident.

In this desperate situation, the students of Woosong Middle School began to wish for Lim Jae-yoon's recovery. His friends wrote all the messages on the memo and came to the hospital room and read it to student. After hearing the cheering comments such as "Jae Yoon, get up now" and "Let's go to school together," Jae Yoon started to get better little by little, taking off the respirator, breathing on his own, and blinking his eyes.

Although till date, he has not been fully awake, but when his mother recites stories to him, he shows sign of movement as if he has been able to understand. Therefore, the warm messages and positive energy from his friends, helped Lim Jae-yoon to be able to regained from consciousness from time to time and gave a hope for his family and friends.